Legacy Coach

Oksana Tademy is a legacy coach dedicated to bringing the visions of entrepreneurs and business owners to life. She helps her clients to solidify their own idea of success and set tangible goals to accomplish them. She also provides solutions and services for her clients' branding and financial needs. As an entrepreneur herself, Oksana understands the needs and plights of other business owners both personally and professionally. For this reason, she is passionate about providing a space where they can be built up, poured into, and assisted with their professional needs. To learn more about how she is helping business owners, take a look at the Legacy Lifestyle Course below!



Building a legacy begins with a person's mental foundation. So, the first pillar is mentorship. Through unique workshop sessions, mindset media (podcasts, books, and content), and monthly accountability,  clients are able to focus on their personal growth and to develop what we call the "legacy mindset." Success, wealth, and fulfillment begin as an inside job. The L.L.C. program helps our clients to focus on their growth first so their business can become a byproduct of that growth.



Pillar 2 focuses on building her clients' brands. Oksana's goal is to supply businesses with the resources and team that can bring their brand to the next level. Hire a team that can help with everything from brand development and logo design, to website design, photography and videography. Ensure that your clients have everything they need to stand out in the professional world. Not only do we offer monthly packages for branding and web maintenance needs, but we also offers custom package options based on a company's budget! 


Legacy Planning

Finally, as her clients thrive in business, she then helps them to manage their finances and establish a legacy. As a licensed financial professional, Oksana focuses on providing complimentary financial plans, financial literacy sessions and financial services to her clients. This education empowers them to make educated decisions with their finances so they can meet their individual and professional goals. 


In her quest to help leaders incubate and accelerate their visions, Oksana takes each client through the Legacy Lifestyle Course which consists of the following three pillars.


Our company stands on 5 core values that serve as our commitment to each client. As a client, you can rest assured that your experience will contain the following attributes.



We are committed to operating in excellence in order to provide a memorable client experience.



We are committed to providing quality service and products that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.



We are committed to demonstrating a high level of honesty and integrity when dealing with our clients. 



We are committed to creating designs and content that is exclusive and unique for each and every client.



We are committed to helping our clients to display the authenticity of their brands through visual art.


We are proud and thankful to have a team of talented designers and developers with over 20 years of combined experience! Our team is dedicated to providing quality service for all of your branding, content and website design needs.