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Oksana Tademy is a legacy coach dedicated to the growth and success of leaders & entrepreneurs. She believes that true success is living a life of quality. She assists her clients with building every area of their lives on a solid foundation. Her goal is to develop entrepreneurs, business owners & leaders who will live balanced, abundant lives & impact their own spheres of influence for the better.

In her quest to help leaders incubate and accelerate their visions, she takes each client through the Legacy Lifestyle Course which has three phases. The first phase is mentorship. Through one-on-one sessions, mindset media (her podcasts, books, and content) and the LLC community workshops, Oksana helps her clients to focus on their personal development and mindset. Phase 2 focuses on building her clients' brands. From logo design, to website design, photography and videography she ensures that her clients have everything they need to stand out in the professional world. Finally, as her clients thrive in business, she helps them to manage their finances and establish a legacy.  

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